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Our History

One of the secrets of longevity and success in any business is the ability to adapt and change. 

Our business is currently in its 5th decade of operation and has seen enormous changes and development in the work place.  We are proud of the fact that we have been at the forefront of these changes and have led the field when many of our competitors have fallen away.

Our ability to adapt and change has been crucial, however, our Directors firmly believe the major reasons for our continued success lie in values deeper than merely the ability to foresee change and act accordingly.

Our Directors and Management team share a common vision and goal;  To be the best in our business and to deliver our service to our customers in an exceptional way.

Our most recent marketing statement to our customers relating the craft of origami to the Craft of Recruitment resonates with our belief that recruitment is all about people, not technology.  Technology is a great tool in the trained hand, but is no substitute for human knowledge and touch.

Our Craft involves meeting you, our Customers, whether client or candidate, and interacting in such a way that we understand your needs, ambitions and challenges, and introducing you to people (not CVs) and opportunities (not job specs) that will match your goals, aspirations and needs.

It’s a Craft, not box ticking or online searching, but offering you genuine advice and service in a professional, personal way.

After working together since early 2014, John Innes and Dave Bruce have invested in and joined the Board of AAA in early 2015.

For some time AAA has been developing their offering to clients and the additions to the Board of John and Dave make a significant statement about the aspirations of the business.

John Innes worked with AAA back in the 1980’s before embarking on an entrepreneurial career. This culminated in his position as CEO with The Amor Group which with his management team, sold to Lockheed Martin in 2013. John brings to the business a vision for taking the company to a new level of service delivery and expertise

Dave Bruce was COO of Amor Energy, a £30 million turnover division that provided high level manpower to the Energy Business in the UK and overseas. Dave brings a wealth of knowledge in delivery of high end service to clients and driving innovation and rigour to our business. The new management team is greatly excited about how AAA will offer customers an unmatched, innovative and fully engaged service in the new oil price era.

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