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100 Days and Counting

Whether its YES or NO on 18th September – its September 24th that really counts.

Scotland’s decision will have significant implications for business and employment.

How will HR and recruitment be affected?

As we countdown and the rhetoric builds up, consider what will actually happen in the HR and recruitment world after the VOTE?

If NO – will we just carry on?
If YES – how will things have to change?

What is best for Scotland will be on all our minds over the next 100 days.

What the implications are for HR and recruitment is a conversation that we would like to start with you now and  will have at the aaa | HR FORUM on 24th September.

If you have any comments on the potential impact on HR issues depending on whether Scotland votes YES or NO, start the conversation NOW.

To sign up now or offer your comments, contact Jennifer MacDonald on 01224 259404 or jennifer.macdonald@aaajobs.co.uk