to ignore individuality is to overlook opportunity

to ignore individuality is to overlook opportunity

Finding senior executives that fit perfectly with an organisation’s business needs, future vision and internal culture is true craftsmanship. Like the complex origami that represents our brand, it is a skill that takes decades to master, and can only be achieved with exceptional human endeavour. Our executive recruitment team has unrivalled levels of expertise built from years of dedicated service to high-level corporate clients. We go beyond box-ticking and take pride in getting to know each candidate and company extensively. Our craft matches personal characters with company cultures, as well as ensuring the right skills and ambitions are there.

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With an uncommon mix of talent, experience, maturity, and creativity, matched with decades of dedication, our team are masters in the craft of executive recruitment.

The team

Our craft of executive recruitment has been honed over 40 years of uncompromising dedication to the businesses we work for. Along the way we have developed a specialist executive team with the dedication, experience and talent to rise to our high expectations.

Right from the start

From the initial meeting with any client, we make things clear from the start. aaa executive outlines the approach that will best suit your distinctive business needs and constraints. We work in an open and transparent manner, walking you through the process that has the best chance of success for your business.

The service

The craft of recruitment takes an expert team, but for the highest levels of service and continuity, you will have one single point of contact. Your dedicated consultant will ensure the highest levels of customer service, from conception to completion of each recruitment project, and even beyond that to make sure everything is running smoothly after placement.

The ‘fit’

aaa executive always makes sure that candidates have the knowledge, experience and skills to excel in any role we place them. But we go further than that, and consider the following just as important for the perfect aaa executive ‘FIT’.


Aligning the values, beliefs and behaviours of candidates to companies.


Discovering the short, medium and long-term goals of the candidate and matching them to the company’s vision.


There is more to a job role than a set of duties. Looking at the personal preferences and attributes of the candidate, as well as the culture and people they’ll be interacting with, is key to successful executive recruitment.

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